Calling Visionary Spirits

Visionary, is this you?

Welcome, Dear One! The video above was created for my Visionary Spirit program way back in 2018, but its message applies to all Spiritual Visionaries on the journey of evolving consciousness right now, and that is why I've chosen to include it here.

We're in an unprecedented time right now - the time we've been waiting for and knew would come - and the days of hanging back in the shadows obscuring who we really are and living a half-life designed around pleasing, appeasing and appealing to the masses of society are truly over. It's time to be all that we can be, and never look back.

As the world that we've known crumbles around us, it's becoming increasingly obvious that there is no "going back" to the old. Instead, we are invited to actively take up our part in creating the new world that will take the place of what has been. You, Visionary, have a vital role in this. You with your unique presence, perspective, experience, your gifts. The simple fact that you are here and have something within you to offer by virtue of that you exist.

This isn't about being "talented" or "special", but about the calling now to bring forth the God-given potential that every single being on Earth has within us, for the purpose of establishing a new world in which we will all dwell in peace in the glorious future that has been being dreamed into being for many aeons now.

We are "almost there", and yet the destination is right now. There's nowhere we're "going", only deepening more and more in the Home that was always present but simply forgotten in the sands of time. If you needed a nudge today to remember who you are and what you're here for, here it is.

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So much love, Ciara

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